Services for parents

Are you struggling with the pressures of family life? For many of us, raising children is becoming more stressful as demands on them from the outside world seem to increase: the morning school run, kids clubs after school, struggles over homework, social media and electronic games, the pressure to have the ‘right’ pencil case or trainers, parents working long hours — all these can lead to conflict and difficulties between parents and children. Tempers can be short, people become tired, until it feels like the slightest thing can cause a big emotional reaction. More significant life events such as moving house, friendship difficulties or divorce can trigger further feelings of unhappiness or disconnection in children. Those who have a diagnosis of ADHD, an anxiety disorder, or are on the autistic spectrum have further difficulties as do ‘highly sensitive’ children. When these problems aren't addressed it can lead to long term health difficulties, and there can be an impact on learning in school.

How I can help

I offer 1:1 or family sessions to help children manage their feelings and reactions so that family life can become harmonious and balanced. In these sessions children and parents learn to express their feelings constructively and have more effective and meaningful conversations. Shared experiences of joy and warmth make relationships more settled and anxiety is reduced. Through using the arts, relaxation techniques, empathic listening and story, parents and children are guided gently towards a more fulfilling life. 

Programmes for parents and children

Family Stories

These weekly sessions help to establish a calm family life with improved communication. Sessions take place in your home and are gently facilitated. Through practising mindfulness, having fun, telling stories and creating art work, a sense of wellbeing is established and negative feelings can be dissolved. Stories are a natural and easy way for children to communicate and they offer a powerful way to connect and move towards deeper understanding. Stories and art work are collated into a book which serves as a reminder of the work done together.

Make Art and Relax

These sessions are an opportunity for a stressed or unhappy child to have some time to learn relaxation skills including breathing techniques, stretches, guided stories, games and art work. This can help children to feel more confident, to be calmer, to sleep better and to improve relationships. Parents are welcome to join sessions or feedback time and advice can be given at the end of each session. I run the session in your home, and a quiet room or area of the house is required to develop a safe environment.

Both these programmes take place over a 6 week period, and each session lasts an hour. A six week programme is £360 within a 40 mile radius of Chilmark, Wiltshire.

I can also offer deeper and more comprehensive programmes which are tailored to individual needs.  This involves a detailed assessment of the current situation and a combination of parental support, recommendations and work with the child and/ or family if necessary.  This kind of support is particularly useful for 'highly sensitive' children.  Do get in touch if you would like to know more. 

If your child is home schooled I can devise creative programmes which meet both the educational needs of your child and their emotional needs. This can run alongside advice and support for parents.

Please note I am not a qualified psychotherapist or psychologist and would always advise parents if I thought that another professional would be in a better position to support the child. 


"Bridget's sessions with my daughter were very beneficial. Bridget's patience and support helped her to became less shy, more engaged, and her behaviour improved. She really enjoyed working with Bridget, it was often the highlight of her week, she would always look forward to their sessions together. Bridget's support, constant updates and constructive advice was really helpful. I would highly recommend Bridget."

—Stephanie Ortiz

The workshop was helpful because I could relax and take a break from worries and stress. I loved using the paint and collage, it helped me feel calm and it was good to spend time with other mums.
— Pandi Shpella, Parent