Mentoring for Highly Sensitive People

Sometimes as an HSP life can be overwhelming and we can end up feeling exhausted, depleted or ‘stuck’.  The world seems to be in chaos and it’s really hard to feel that sense of connection and wholeness that we seek.  We know we should practice good ‘self-care’ but when there are endless demands on our time then hiding under the duvet or collapsing in a heap seems like a much better option.  It’s a constant struggle to battle against the majority culture which tells us that we must work harder, push for what we want and be more ‘confident’.  When we compare ourselves to this popular idea of success we can feel that there is something lacking within us, and this can lead to feeling unheard or marginalised.  This can be true for those of use who have known about the trait for a long time or if it is recently discovered. 

The journey towards becoming an empowered HSP involves reframing much of what we may have learnt about ourselves stretching back to childhood.  We need good detailed knowledge about the trait and then we need to begin the exciting but sometimes daunting task of integrating that knowledge into our lives.  As the world shifts and changes HSPs have a vital role to play in creating new systems and developing new ways of working.  As we work with our personal struggles, we find that we can work better with our intuition, we have more strength, resilience and energy to put out into the world, whether that is within our families and communities or in the wider world. 

How I can help

Mentoring is a process where I will guide and support you towards authentic ways of thinking and being in the world.  It is a gentle process where I engage with you, get to know about your life, advise on possible changes and provide accountability.  It is different from therapy or coaching but there may be some therapeutic aspects.  Sessions will be tailored to meet the individual and may include using the arts, connecting with nature, guided visualisation or using story or music.  We may work with many areas of your life such as creativity, time management, morning routines, decluttering, healthy eating, attitudes to money, gratitude practices or how to manage energy.

I have known about the HSP trait for 9 years and have been actively working with it for the last 7 years.  (Initially I had no idea what to do with the information and I threw the book under my bed!). My work is closely aligned with Elaine Aron’s research and I attend training and support meetings at the National Centre for High Sensitivity.  


“The sessions with Bridget have been enriching and have taught me a lot about myself. Through the process, she guided me and advised me on ways and strategies to achieve my goals in a such a kind manner and I am very thankful for all she has done.” Ciara O'Reilly

How it works

First, I’ll ask you to complete a preliminary questionnaire so that I get a feel for what your needs are.  I recommend that the first meeting is in-person, this can be in a cafe in Salisbury or Tisbury in Wiltshire or if the weather is kind it could be a walk in a nature.  Occasionally it could be in London or in Overton in Hampshire which is an hour from London.  Follow up meetings can be by Skype or in-person.  Sessions can take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs. 

My approach is collaborative; I aim to work with you in your journey towards understanding how you can embrace the trait of high sensitivity and become connected with your deeper self.  I work in an organic and intuitive way, working with my own knowledge and experience of the trait.  I will follow up some sessions with an email of ideas and recommendations which might range from books or blogs to read or a poem or piece of music to inspire or motivate you.

As HSPs we tend to have stronger reactions to the ‘waves’ of life.  Sometimes we need a little help to adjust to the ebbs and flows.  Having a completely ‘balanced’ life is probably a myth but we can learn to move through transitions with more ease and grace.   

A block of four sessions is £200 which can be paid in instalments. 

What next?

Your first step is to book a free 45 minute consultation with me where we can talk through this process and decide whether it would work for you.  Email me here to book this session.