Healthy emotions in schools and families


I work with schools and parents to motivate and engage children using the arts, storytelling and mindfulness techniques.  I help teachers and parents to give children the opportunity to discover their inner strength and wisdom and to develop a sense that they are in control of their lives and their learning.


Help for teachers and schools

Help for parents

Highly sensitive children



Helping children feel and be their best!

As a teacher, trainer, consultant and coach I can help you to provide an environment where children can thrive and recognise their own intrinsic worth.  

You may be a parent who would like family life to be calmer and easier.  Maybe you are finding your child’s behaviour unusual or baffling; it could be that your child struggles to conform to expectations or that they challenge authority, or they may seem lost in their own world or they struggle with friendships.

Perhaps you are an educator who has a feeling that your school could more offering ‘more’ than the standard behaviour management strategies or PSHE lessons. You know that children in your school sometimes disrupt lessons or display challenging behaviour but there doesn’t seem to be time to think of solutions that are deeper and long-lasting. You may sense that your school would benefit from developing an empathic approach and you wonder how to embed this into the curriculum and school life.   

When children learn to trust adults, and adults learn to really listen to children, this openness in communication leads to improved confidence and resilience. I am committed to giving teachers and parents the skills needed to communicate with children effectively, to foster their communication skills in turn, and to support them in their emotional growth and development.