Resources for teachers and parents

Articles by Bridget

Dan Hughes 'PACE'.  An attitude and 'way of being' with children which leads to better relationships and improved communication.  Helpful for parents and teachers

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Manifesto for teachers.  A reminder to keep you sane throughout the year

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Supporting children after traumatic events.  Suggestions and strategies for helping children who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events

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Map of experience.  As teachers, we often limp towards the end of the year then bury our heads in the sand till the new year begins in September. However, this can leave us feeling disempowered because we haven’t reflected on what has happened in the year just gone. And we all know that a lot happens in a school year! Here is a fun and creative way to record and reflect on your experiences. 

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Recommended Websites

The Centre for Child Mental Health
Conferences, training and DVDs.

Meditation and mindfulness. 

Relax Kids
Relaxation for children with free downloads for schools and parents.

Circle Time  
Information and resources from Jenny Mosley.

Free guides and a mini-course on attachment