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Are you a teacher or head of school wanting to offer the children more than the standard behaviour management strategies or PSHE lessons? 

Having worked in many different and diverse schools myself I know that teaching can be tough, and that it can feel disillusioning when there are so many pressures within the school day that there doesn’t seem to be time to provide the care and support that vulnerable children need. One in ten children and young people aged five to sixteen suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder - that's around three children in every class.  And 20% of primary school children suffer from a low sense of wellbeing. Children who have experienced trauma or neglect in their early years can bring their difficult feelings into school with them and the result is often stress and a sense of frustration for staff in the classroom.  For some children mild trauma can be the result of moving house, divorce, friendship issues or the everyday stresses of modern family life.  Other children may have suffered bereavement, neglect or other forms of abuse. 

My background was as a class teacher in inner city schools. However, it was only later when I began to train in therapy and the arts that I began to understand how much many disadvantaged children were suffering, and how using empathy, being ‘present’ for them, and having firm boundaries was crucial to their success. I realised that many of the traditional behaviour management techniques I had learned and used may have had a less than beneficial effect on these children.

Children who have experienced disadvantage or stress in their lives need a different approach to most children. Their brains can be ‘wired’ for negative results and schools need to learn how to ‘re-wire’ this conditioning. This is an ongoing challenge and requires patience, tenacity and resilience. Support groups, training and additional provision for children are necessary to support this process. 

This is where I can help. I offer a  range of programmes to support you and the children in your school - particularly those who are the most vulnerable. These services range from training, coaching and support for teachers, to working directly with the children themselves, to a whole school approach that embraces staff, children, and parents.

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Programmes for teachers

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Whole school approach

The sessions with Bridget have been enriching and have taught me a lot about myself. Through the process, she guided me and advised me on ways and strategies to achieve my goals in a such a kind manner and I am very thankful for all she has done.
— Ciara O'Reilly, Teacher
Bridget came in to support the school in a real time of need. There had been a traumatic incident that affected the whole community. Bridget helped us to process this incident at a very raw time by offering support to parents in how to talk to their children, work with children to help them make some sense of what had happened and coaching for staff. The positive feedback was universal and we have all been very grateful for her expertise.
— Sarah Jones, Headteacher
It was great how I knew I could open up and I wouldn’t be judged. The strategies have had such a positive impact within the class, the children are much more relaxed and focused when they go to their tables to do their work.
— Jack Fidler, Teacher
We have messages from grateful parents and children who use the sessions really well and cannot wait for their next session.
— Magdalena Tusting, SENCO